New Year Musings

The necklace in the picture is one I made for my first collection focusing on designer buttons 6 years ago. It elaborately features 2 designer buttons and a photo of Coco. The photo is under a glass bezel that I beaded around. I was compelled to use this photo because it was of Coco laughing. There aren’t too many photos of her laughing. She had a brave inspiring life but not a terribly happy one... Choosing a creative life brings its share of challenges. 

Coco was the rare female in a then male-dominated industry. The only man she ever loved had to marry another more “appropriate” woman, although he continued his relationship with Coco until he was killed in a car accident at a young age.

Her creative choices in color and motif were influenced by her personal life: for example, she had a penchant for black and white and simplicity due to her upbringing by convent nuns (who also taught her to sew.)

The love of her life, Boy Papel, always gave her camellias, her favorite flower, and an ongoing motif in her jewelry design.

Artists usually don’t choose a creative life; it chooses them. The compulsion to create is stronger than the fears of creating and failure. And they continue to create because of or despite of what happens in their real life.

Becase they have to.

My new year’s resolutions are inspired by Coco:

Be brave.

Create more.

Inspire more.

Laugh more.


  • I love your work ,beautiful.Im hoping that you could email me when you have made more bracelets.Your always sold out I really want one of your bracelets and earrings So just let me know and I will buy them Thank you for your consideration.

  • I was hoping to buy something but most everything has sold. Might be nice if you divided your work into sold that we can look at and a section where all objects are available.

  • I love your work I’m about to buy a few pieces I’d like to know if I can order a brass charm bracelet? Please let me know I can pre~pay or put a deposit,just let me know thank you Rebecca Sherman

    Rebecca Sherman

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